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  • Stockton (California St., Suite B): (209) 466-2626
  • Stockton (California St., Suite H): (209) 474-1458
  • Lodi: (209) 366-2616
  • Tracy: (209) 839-9115
  • PET/CT: (209) 292-8542



Our PET/CT combines the power of positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) allowing for a more accurate diagnosis than each exam can provide on its own. The next generation in PET/CT is the Discovery IQ with the new Q.Clear2 Reconstruction and LightBurst Detectors, which are designed to deliver the highest sensitivity of any PET/CT and can detect smaller forms of disease. This machine is built to provide consistent quantitative Standard Uptake Value (SUV) measurements while providing excellent image quality and patient comfort. You no longer need to trade-off between quatitation and image quality.

Please call or email our office for appointments

Patient Coordinator- Veronica at 209-292-8542 extension 124
Patient Scheduler- Hannah at 209-292-8542 extension 125
PET/CT Operations Manager- Ashley at 209-466-2626 extension 151


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