Header Contacts

  • Stockton (California St., Suite B): (209) 466-2626
  • Stockton (California St., Suite L): (209) 474-1458
  • Lodi: (209) 366-2616
  • Tracy: (209) 839-9115
  • PET/CT: (209) 292-8542



Sheila Sexton-Desersa
Practice Manager

Ashley Mussi

Monica Rodriguez
Assistant Office Manager

Shawnna Weber

Shelley Smith
Site Manager

Sally Booth
Staff Accountant


Medical Assistants

Tammy Gonzales, Lead MA

Cathy Martinez, MA

Natasha Angel, MA

Nayeli Perez, MA

Shaundy Rabanal, MA

Michelle Bustamante, MA

Stephanie Alejo, MA

Monica Jimenez, MA

Jessica Perez, MA


Angelica Santana

Front Office

Jamie Bayani

Frankie Perry

Jennifer Martin

Emma Fernandez

Jasmine Morales

Elizabeth Torres

Jasmine Hankton


Bianca Goetsch
PET/CT Lead Technologist

Veronica Laroza
Patient Coordinator

Hanna Leighton
Patient Scheduler

Jamie Bayani
Patient Scheduler

Oral Medication Center

Annabel Pana
Pharmacy Tech

Anissa Ypon
Pharmacy Tech

Kim Borton
Pharmacy Tech

Dominique Serros
Pharmacy Tech

Jennifer Berni
Pharmacy Tech

Chris Oh


Ernelita Dacumos-Obreno
Billing Manager

Julissa Flores
Billing Lead

Margaret Herrera
Medical Biller

Janet Del Carlo
New Patient Coordinator and Hospital Charge Poster

Ann Tafuri
Medical Biller

Regina Perez
Authorization (Infusion and Injections)

Beatrice Meza
Authorization and Patient Advocate

Veronica Holmes
Payment Poster

Leah Bernstein
Patient advocate and Financial Counselor

Natalia Harrison
Medical Biller

Tanisha Walker
Medical Biller

Requal Bostick
Medical Biller

Hailey Sandoval
Medical Biller

Maddilyn Sepp
Medical Records, Billing and Administrative support